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The Debate Squad

...where the issues that matter are tackled

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The Debate Headquarters

A forum of discussion on the pressing issues of our nation
To become a member of our debating community on must jump through very few hoops. If you are interested in posting a comment, which you must be a member to do, you need to make a strong argument for or against the topic that is being discussed at that time. One must make a compelling argument and leave their name to be reviewed by the board. Once the board determines your fate, which will most likely be acceptance unless you are not showing proper respect to the forum and/or displaying inappropriate use of information, you are allowed to post at will. However, the use of foul language and/or slander will not be tolerated and you will be removed from the community.

This community prides itself on its ability to tackle major issues without resorting to outright name calling, misuse of sarcasm to make a derogatory remark, or given false or misleading information. Some exceptions will be made but it is promised that if such displays of action are witnessed, the proper consequences will follow
(i.e. expulsion or suspension from the commune for a specific duration).

At some point we may find ourselves in the situation that we all agree. For the sake of pure debate, some will be asked (but we hope you will volunteer) to assist the "other side" of the argument with what information you may possess or have access to.

Please try to show respect for those who may not share your opinions. We in the community are glad that you have thought about joining us and we look forward to hearing your opinions

Also, you have to be a member to post...we want to open our debates to everyone, but we want to eliminate anonymous derogatory comments.

After joining our community, the #1 step is to click here!